Terms and conditions

Crayon's Castle Server Store Terms & Conditions:

Any ranks that entitle you to a permanent rank within Crayon's Castle will not be refunded or compensated for if the server for some reason closes down. Your "permanent" rank may also be removed at any time due to rank changes or a punishment for severe action that somehow involves said rank.

We reserve the right to alter/change items in our store that you have purchased at any time without warning. However, this will only be done under very rare and special occasions. You are also not entitled to receive new perks that are added to your rank.

Any and all purchases will not be transfered to any other account other than the account that you are purchasing for and you finalize your purchase under. This includes transfering perks from an account if your account is un-playable / compromised.

By purchasing from our server store you agree that you are over the age of 18 or have parental permission to make a purchase.

If you are banned or unable to play our server you will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances.

All purchases made on Crayon's Castle are final, we do not allow refunds under any circumstance. In special occasions depending if we think it's severe enough we will offer a refund, this may include, but not limited to stolen credit cards / PayPal accounts.

When making a purchase from Crayon's Caslte you are only entitled to the perk(s) that you have purchased and not entitled to staff, friend rank, or any additional "free" or paid perks unless you purchase them from our store.